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More Information for a Better Response

minitor image Second Signal recognizes the same activation tones as radio pagers
cell phone image Our software quickly and automatically relays the alert to cell phones, pagers & email
firefighter donning gear image Responders call in to hear the radio traffic. They hear all of it, not just the first few seconds, so they can respond from work

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'I believe that this program will benefit the fire and rescue services in response numbers more than anything we have ever seen.'

Chief Pat Fairbanks of Yarmouth, Maine

Affordable, Flexible, & Reliable

We've designed Second Signal to fit into the tight budgets of call-responder departments serving rural communities. We provide a far more complete solution than any other secondary notification system we've seen. We do it for less money, and we don't require a long term commitment.

Bring Your People Back When You Need Them

  • Catch Up With Radio Traffic From Any Telephone
  • Automatically Relay Tones to Text Messages Instantly
  • Relay Different Tones to Different Crews
  • Costs Less Than Dedicated Pagers
  • Stop Calling Dispatch to Ask What's Happening
  • Download Your Radio Traffic Later for Review

Call Responders & Volunteers

Not everyone can live and work near the station. The truth is, many of us can't use our radio pagers at work. When members can call in and catch up, you'll have their help when you really need it.

Off Shift Callbacks

From shift coverage to big incidents, sometimes you need to bring your people back. Second Signal makes it easy to get the word out to crews using their own cell phones and pagers.


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