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Step by Step to Joining Second Signal

First, let me say "Welcome!"   I'm sure we'll have you up and running in no time at all.  Here's an overview of the steps necessary to bring your department on line.

Step 0 - Let's talk.  

Give us call or email and lets make sure sure all your questions are answered and you're ready to go.

Step 1 - The Customer Agreement

Download, print, read, and fill in the customer agreement.  If you have any questions on what to fill in, drop us an email.  We can't really take any of the steps need on our end until we receive this document from you.

Once you've finished, you can send it to us at:

Second Signal
3 Candlewick Lane
Cumberland, Maine 04021

Or you can fax it to (617) 649-1200

Step 3 - Gather the Equipment, Information, and Location

We've set up a couple of web pages to help you understand exactly what's needed:

While you're getting your gear together, we'll go ahead and get a local telephone number allocated for you and get your information ready in our systems.

Step 4 - Installation

Installation is usually pretty straightforward.  Together we'll determine a time and day that works and it will take about an hour.  We'll start by sending your a URL to download an "instant" support tool.  When you run that tool, we'll be able to connect in and remotely walk through the configuration of your equipment and software.  We can show you what we're doing at that time and you can decide if you'd like us to have continuous access to the machine for configuration or if you'd like to manage it yourself.

Step 5 - Testing & Rollout

Once the software is set up, it's a good idea to let it run for a few days with just a few key people to make sure we've got the software adjusted correctly for your pager tones.  Once we've got that all dialed in just right, your users can be directed to the web site where they'll establish a log in name and password, tell uss aboout their cell phones, pagers, and email addresses; and decide what tones they want to be notified about and when.

Most users are able to get this done without help, but a few may have some questions so its good have a point person at your department to work with people the first time they get set up.

Some departments ask us if they can pre-configure all the members.   We strongly recommend against this.  The system is designed so that any member can manage his or her own cell phone numbers, pagers, and schedules.  If you do this for them, you'll spend a lot of time making small changes for them that they could be doing themselves without much effort.


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