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Designed for Call-Responders by a Call-Responder

Second Signal was created by a firefighter, to solve a problem few other people understand

I spent many years working with corporate clients on solutions to their technology problems before joining my local fire department. My company, Northern Collaborative Technologies, has been successfully helping corporate clients since 1993. When I joined the department, I knew nothing about firefighting at all. In the years since, the men and women that I now call brothers and sisters -- and sometimes the kids -- have taught me to be a firefighter. At the same time, I've tried to bring my knowledge of technology in to help out where I could.

Second Signal grew out of a sense that we weren't getting the most out of ourselves and our equipment because we weren't communicating well. The growth of the internet as a day to day tool had largely left fire departments behind. As the system grew more functional, our dependance on it grew as well. Today's Second Signal represents years of development -- and a great deal of patience from my brothers and sisters at the Cumberland Fire Department.

Together, both Second Signal and I have had success in adapting ourselves to the needs of our community. From the greenest "probie" that ever entered the station, I've learned enough to step into the role of an engine company officer. Second Signal has grown and learned as well, and I'm very excited to see it stepping out into a role where it too can be responsible for more than just itself.

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