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Department Sizes in Second Signal Pricing

Our pricing model is designed to encourage particpation by as many departments as possible.  While the vast majority of the departments we service will fall into the "Small Town USA" category, it was important to us to include a lower cost option for the very smallest teams.

Small Town USA

Chances are, this is your department's size.  Something close to 85% of all departments in the US fall into this category.  If the majority of your membership is call-responder and you've got a few full time or per-diem positions, this is probably you.  Departments in this size category sometimes have more than one station and generally have more than two pieces of apparatus.

The Smallest Townships

For our brothers in the very smallest, most rural departments in the country, we offer a discount designed to help meet those extemely tight budgets.  Departments that qualify are usually staffed entirely by call-responders and respond to under 300 calls per year.  Most have a single station and just one or two pieces of apparatus.

The Big City

If your day to day responses are handled primarily by full time staff, you're serving a population over about 40,000 people, or you're running more than 2000 or calls per year, you're a probably a city.  These larger departments have different needs, and often require a bit more work on our part to support.  Pricing for larger departments isn't standardized.  When you contact us, we'll work through your needs and come up with a plan that makes sense.


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