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Microsoft Case Study

In the spring and summer of 2006, Microsoft worked with the Cumberland Fire Department and Second Signal to produce a case study, documenting the use of Microsoft (among other) technologies used to provide a solution that could help save lives and property.

Volunteer Firefighters Get Improved Notification from Integrated Technology

Like most small towns and suburbs in the United States, Cumberland, Maine, relies on volunteers to provide public services such as firefighting. As in most rural departments, Cumberland firefighters carry traditional fire pagers to hear signals sent out by a dispatcher. As volunteers traveled farther away to jobs in other cities, however, the signals from the pagers weakened and their usefulness decreased. To help volunteers stay informed about evolving incidents in Cumberland, local technology solution provider Northern Collaborative Technologies used Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET to create an integrated solution that employs a Web server and voice over IP telephony to provide real-time communication to volunteer firefighters working many miles from Cumberland so they can stay in touch with potential emergencies in their community.

View the study on-line at Microsoft.com

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