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Second Signal is better then those others

We're different because we're like you

Second Signal is all about call responders because it's been designed, built, and run by them.  Here are a few key things that make us so much better.

We give you ALL of the radio traffic

There are other systems out there that give your members some of the radio traffic.  One of the ones we hear about from time to time sends the first 30 or 45 seconds of radio traffic to people's cell phones.   That sounds good, but in practice it isn't very helpful.  That first half minute of radio traffic isn't enough to let you know if you need to leave work. 

Think of all those calls that get initially dispatched as "smoke in the building".   Like you, we've been on the job long enough to know that the vast majority of those dispatches are followed up a few minutes later with the dispatcher getting on the air and reporting something like this:  "we've gotten a call from the homeowner and they are reporting that the issue is burnt food."   Sure, the department still needs to respond, but members who are working twenty or thirty miles away do not need to leave work for that call.   With Second Signal, they hear everything that happens on the radio.   By the time they leave work, they know there really is smoke in the building.

We fit your department's budget

At the same time we're providing so much more information, we're doing it for less money in nearly every case.  The whole system is designed to be as effecient as possible to make sure that even the smallest volunteer departments can benefit. All our services are fixed-cost per month so you don't need to count calls, members, or minutes

We Cost Your Members Less Too

Think of all those times when you don't need the radio traffic sent to your phone because you're actually in a place where your radio pager works.  Sending you sound files is wasting your cell phone minutes and costing your members money.  With Second Signal, members call a local telephone number only when they need the information, saving many of them a lot of money every month.

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