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Information needed to set up Second Signal

Once you've completed and returned the Customer Agreement and you've got the required equipment set up, we'll be ready to set up and configure Second Signal for your department.  The most important thing you'll need is the "Tone Configuration" for your department.

Second Signal is triggered the same way your pager radios are triggered now

When you program your radio pagers, each pager is told to "Alert" on a specific tone set.  We need that information.   For example, a typical department may have a "Fire" tone and an "EMS" tone.  Each of those will have a pair of audio frequencies or "Reeds" associated with them.   Typically, the format we're looking for is:

FIRE:   (A) 313hz  (B) 459hz

EMS:   (A) 652hz  (B) 1097hz

Some paging systems may use a single long tone, others may use a combination of long and short tones.  If you're having trouble finding this information, give us a call and we may be able to help.

In some cases when this information is not available, you can send us a recording of the tones going out and we can identify them on our end.   In other cases, our software can be set up to "trap" the tones as they are used and make a best estimate. 


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