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Help logging in to Second Signal

To log in to your Second Signal account, just click the "Member Login" link in the top-right corner of the page.   You'll be asked for your user name and password

New Users

If you are new to Second Signal, Welcome!   Just click the link in the upper right for "Member Login".   When you get to the username and password prompt, you'll see a link for new members right below the input boxes.   Just click that link.   You'll pick a username, and we'll send a confirmation email to you.  

You must click the link in the confirmation email the first time to activate the account.

Once you've activated the account, your log in credentials will work and you'll be able to move ahead to set up your notification preferences.

Password Problems

We've all forgotten passwords from time to time, and Second Signal is set up to help you create a new one.  All you need to remember is your Second Signal "User ID".   If you've forgotten that as well, we can still help you.  Read on...

When you get to the login screen, there's a link just below where you enter your password that will help you if you've forgotten yours.   When you click that link, you'll be asked to enter your Second Signal user id.   We'll use that to find your user record, create a new password, and email it to the address we have on file.    If you've forgotten your userid, just enter your email address (the one you used to sign up for Second Signal) and we'll send them both.

Why can't you just send me my old password?  

We cannot send you your existing password because we don't know what it is.  For your safety, we don't store your password on our site.  If we don't store your password on our site, it can never be stolen and used to log in to other sites as you.

If you are ever on a web site that CAN send you a copy of your original password, that web site is not very secure.  It's a very bad practice and leads to the sort of problems that result in a CNN van pulling up outside their office doors.

We only store a sort of messed up version of it called a "hash".  A hash is what you get when you run some text through a kind of digitial meat grinder.  What comes out is a unique result of what goes in, but can never be turned back into the original.   Every time you send the same text through the hash you get the same result -- but it only works one way.    When you created your password on Second Signal, we ran it through a hash and stored the result but not the original password.  When you enter a password to log in, we hash what you typed and compare it with the original hash from when you set it up.   If those are the same, we know you entered the right word.


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