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Second Signal Service Pricing

Service Pricing

Almost 90% of departments in the United States fall into our "Home Town" pricing category.  The exceptions to this are our brothers in the very smallest and most rural townships.  We over a more affordable way for those departments to take part because we believe it is the right thing to do. 

Cities with Full Time (Career) staff in the station around the clock have different needs.  If your department falls into this category, give us a call and we can figure out how to best address those needs on a case by case basis.  Find our more about department sizes to see where you fit.

Second Signal pricing is discounted for departments who make a longer committment and less frequently billing cycles. 

  Monthly Billing Quarterly Billing Biannual Billiing Annual Billing
Most Home Towns $175 $450 $800 $1200
The Smallest Townships $100 $240 $450 $850
The Big City Call for customized pricing & services


Site Requirements

To run Second Signal,  you'll need a reasonably recent model personal computer, an inexpensive scanner, and a few connectors in a location with reliable internet access and power.  We can provide preconfigured equipment, but you're welcome to use your own.  Many sites use an inexpensive notebook computer.  For more details, check out our "Getting Started" pages.

Initial Setup

A one-time set up charge of $500 for those departments using their own existing equipment or which require an on-site person for access.  We frequently wave this start up fee when the machine in question is new, not used for any other task, and can be remotely managed by us. 


Second Signal does not generally charge an additional fee for support, as long as each department specifies one or more "Primary Contacts" within the department.  Most department memebers with routine about the web site and during the initial rollout are directed to that departmental contact first.   Nearly all of our departments prefer this method, and by reducing the number of people who have to call us for help, we are able to keep the cost for service as low as possible.


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